This is Week 2 of a 5-week cumulative project. –

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This is Week 2 of a 5-week cumulative project.
The Impact of Chronic Illness
Identify one person from the illness group you chose in Week 1. The person should not be a patient at the facility in which you work. You can use friends, family members, or coworkers. Do not use the person’s name in the paper but only initials. Administer the questionnaire you created in Week 1 to that person. Compile the data and analyze the responses to better illustrate where this person, his or her family, and friends are in relation to accepting the diagnosis in relation to the standard health or illness definitions. The analysis should also include coping skills, treatment, and support aspects of the illness. Identify how this will direct care plan development for the chosen illness group.
Compile a report of your interview with the questions you created, the responses you received, your analysis, and your interpretation of how it will affect planning care for the group in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document.
Support your responses with examples.
mother-in-law (initials DF)- 62 yr old, current smoker (since she was 16)- 1 to 1.5 packs/day, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, morbidly obese (approx 350 lbs), bilateral lower extremity 3+ non-pitting edema with weeping, short of breath with exertion and activities of daily living, no alcohol use, history of recreational drug use (when she was 18 to early 20s in the 1970s), poor diet and lifestyle choices (cooks a lot of country foods- fried, loaded with butter and salt), and does not do any form of exercise.

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