The research assignment requirements can be found in the description and file upload sections

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Part One: Review the video Purdue OWL: White Paper on YouTube which is 9:45 long. Next, Examine a sample white paper from a student: Cloud Considerations (uploaded). Then answer the following questions:

1. Of the various types of white papers the Purdue OWL lecture describes, how would you label this type of white paper? Why? Please write a short paragraph in giving your answer.

2. Who is the audience for this white paper?

3. Comment on the level of formality of the writing in this white paper. Is it written in a formal style? Or an informal style? Or a bit of both? Give 2-3 examples of sentences in the white paper to support your answer.

Note: Initial Response and two (2) follow-up responses

Part Two: Please watch library tutorial #1 (…) and please complete the following tasks:

Let us assume you work for a company that is hiring more and more employees of the millennial generation.

Your supervisor has asked you to conduct research on issues regarding employees from the millennial generation. For example, she mentions that millennial individuals may have different expectations of the work environment from those of workers from older generations. In addition, she mentions that millennials have different habits with regard to their use of technology than workers from older generations exhibit.

The instructions you have been given by your supervisor are quite broad. But let us assume that this is the directive you have been given.

For this reason, you will conduct a very general search on millennials and their work or technology habits. You are not quite sure how to focus the topic, but you know that you would like to pursue this general topic and focus it later.

1. Search on some terms and find four articles on this topic. Your search can be quite broad at this stage. Try to use some search phrases that require that you use quotation marks, as the video demonstrates.

Please write the topic on which you searched and the search terms you used to search on it.

2. In addition, for the four articles you found, please write titles of the four articles and the journals in which they appeared. You don’t have to cite anything in APA format, or anything of that nature. Just post the titles and the journal names.

Note: Initial Response and two (2) follow-up responses

Part Three: Please watch library tutorial #2 (…) and please complete the following tasks:

The tutorial is designed to demonstrate some searching strategies when finding articles in the databases that UMUC subscribes to.

1. Conduct a new search on a phrase related to the same topic on which you searched for the previous exercise. As the video demonstrates, make sure to use quotation marks around the phrase.

-How many search results do you get?

2. Then, following the instructions provided in the second video, focus your search by using the SU-subject terms option from the drop-down menu for one of the rows.

-How many search result do you find after limiting the search by using SU-subject terms?

Note: Initial Response and two (2) follow-up responses

Part Four: Memo to instructor on white paper topic and audience (uploaded)

Instructions link:…

WA #3 rubric:…

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