The Political Context of Public Administation, management homework help

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The Political Context of Public Administation” Please
respond to the following. Please cite sources

  • From  Chapter 1 of the textbook, President Wilson asserted
    that it is “harder to run a constitution than to frame one.” From the first
    e-Activity, suggest two (2) examples of difficulties that exist in either the
    executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government today that bolster
    Wilson’s assertion

  • Organize the three (3) basic forms of government from the point
    of view of a public administrator. Suggest two to three (2-3) common goals and
    interdependencies of the forms of government in question. Provide a rationale
    to support your response.

  • Analyze the main types of federalism. Debate two to three (2-3)
    advantages and two to three (2-3) disadvantages of federalism as it relates to
    intergovernmental relations. Provide a rationale to support your

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