The Gottman Model –

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The Gottman Model
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Paper: Students will write a paper discussing the Gottman’s Model. The paper should include an overview of the basic approach (theory- key concepts, goals, assessments, and interventions), what the
strengths and weaknesses of the model are, and if the student thinks the model fits for him/her (and why). See Appendix A for grading rubric. The paper is to be 10-12 pages of content (excluding
title page, abstract, and reference page) and follow strict APA style. Students must use headings in the paper and must use six references in addition to the Gottman Manual (papers must have at
least 6 references—books, book chapters, or •ournal articles).
The paper must be uploaded in a word document online through the assignment tab.
Below are possible questions to consider when writing the paper:
a. What is the definition of change?
b. How is change measured?
c. How does the counselor help create change?
d. What are typical goals for each approach and who has responsibility for creating them (counselor, clients, both)?
e. How does the counselor join with clients?
f. How does each approach treat emotion, behavior, and cognition?
g. How do you decide when counseling should be terminated?
h. How important is hypothesizing and assessment?
1. How does the approach address issues of diversity?
j. What are the challenges in utilizing the approach?
Students must include headings.
MUST use the APA 6th edition manual. Additional resources to help with APA:
• Purdue Owl
• Book: An Easy Guide to APA Style
Remember do not write this paper in first person
• Students can use the Gottman training manual from class. but students MUST provide 6 additional resources (articles and/or books) NOT used in class.
• Review the “recommended readings” in the syllabus for additional resources.
Bergenstal, K. (2012). The Gottman Method: Theory and case study. In D. S. Shepard, M. Harway (Eds.), Engaging men in couples therapy (pp. 179-191). New York, NY US: Routledge/Taylor & Francis
Gottman, J. M. (1999). The marriage clinic: A scientifically based marital therapy. New York:
W.W. Norton & Company.
Navarra, R. J. , & Gottman, J. (2011). Gottman method couple therapy: From theory to practice. In D. K. Carson, M. Casado-Kehoe (Eds.), Case studies in couples therapy: Theorybased approaches (pp.
331-343). New York, NY US:
Schwartz, J., Gottman, J. (2004) The marriage clinic: Casebook. New York: W.W. Norton & Company.
Novice Competent Proficient
GRAMMAR, SPELLING & APA Points Range: 0 — 8
Many grammatical, spelling
& APA errors. Difficult to derstand Points Range: 9-14
Clear and easy to understand but some APA, grammar, & spelling errors Points Range: 15 -20
Advanced writing skills; Professional sounding post; few to no errors
REQUIREMENTS Points Range: 0 — 8
Did not demonstrate full comprehension of the assignment nor ability to critically analyze information. Content is not sound or solid. Ideas are not eveloped or supported. Points Range: 9-20
Demonstrated that he/she ew modeL/theory and could summarize and do basic explanation.
Student struggled minimally with critically analyzing information. Ideas are detailed, developed and supported with evidence and details. Points Range: 20-40
Added new perspective regarding the model/theory nd critically analyzed information based on research and/or other readings.
DEPTH— 40% Points Range 0
Little ability to demonstrate integration of readings into original thought in comparing/contrasting the two models Points Range: 9-20
Did some reflection on readings that conveyed ability to integrate readings into original thought in comparing/contrasting the o models. Points Range: 21 -40
Exceptionally wellpresented and argued; ideas are detailed, well-developed, supported with specific evidence. Excels in responding to assignment. Interesting, demonstrates sophistication of
Please be sure to talk about the limitations of cultural implications within the U.S ie. african american community, Latino and ect. research not conducted throughout 50 States with the exception
of San Francisco, San Diego California and Seattle Washington.

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