The four types of economies, MGMT discussion help

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Could you do this discussion please.. 

we have to discuss this with our classmate in the blackboard so
we can write a discussion and read at lest two of our classmate discussions and
discuss with them ..

The book is :

MGMT9,  9th Edition  

Author: Chuck Williams

University of the Pacific

*could u write the discussion then I will send
you my classmate discussions to discuss only one time .


Students:Now that most of you have atleast a basic working knowledge of our
economic system (it’s positives & negatives) as a result of your recent
assignments, discussion questions, etc., it’s time to expand your knowledge and
perceptions of other planned economies. Refer to your textbook (or other
sourses) to obtain a thorough comprehension of the features of each economic
system: Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Mixed Economy.

Question:After considering the characteristics of each
alternative economic system coupled with your recently expanded knowledge of
our capitalistic economy, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these
systems and which one would best serve the needs of the American people in
general. Be very explicit with your answers and opinions.

Note:Remember, you will be heavily graded on your discussion questions.
I still expect well-thoughtout responses and 100% interaction among you and
your classmates. I expect a minimum of 8 posts per student.


-Please note that Professor is too serious about Plagiarism so
please make it different.

thank you..

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