The evolution of the NBA and NFL

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Directions and Rubric for Final Draft —

Please submit the final draft of your paper analyzing a problem in your field of study, with an exploration of the best practices for addressing that problem, and speculation about how your field of study will change in 10-20 years, and what the implications of those changes will be on the problem analyzed in the first part of the paper. Of course, your study of the problem should have a compelling introduction that both introduces the reader to the larger subject as well as hinting at the direction of your specific topic.

Your paper should adhere to the standards of quality academic writing: your purpose should be clear, concise, and consistent; your paragraphs should move the reader through the essay in a logical progression, deepening the reader’s understanding of your topic; your claims should be well-supported by careful reasoning and employ sources that will hold up to academic scrutiny; your sources should be properly cited according to the conventions of MLA format; your prose should follow the rules of English grammar, spelling and mechanics; and finally, your words should reflect a powerful command of the English language, with diction being paramount.

Rubric for Final Draft: Think of each category on this rubric starting at 5, with points added and subtracted depending on how thoroughly the questions below are answered in your final draft.

Purpose/Thesis/Focus – 10 Points

Does the reader understand by the second page what you set out to prove in this paper? Does your thesis well-understood by the third page? Is your line of argument clear and consistent throughout the paper?

Structure/Organization/Flow of Thought – 10 Points

Does the paper lay out the problem in a way that would help a novice understand the topic? Is the information organized in the most rational way possible? Is your flow of thought coherent?

Evidence/Support/Development – 10 Points

Have you presented the reader with good a body of evidence to defend the position taken in your paper? Does this body of evidence adequately support your line of reasoning? Does this body of evidence develop over the body of the paper in a logical way?

Grammar/Sentence Structure/Mechanics – 10 Points

Are you making any errors in standard English usage? Do your sentences conform to the standards of English grammar? Are you making any stylistic mistakes regarding the conventions of academic writing?

Word Usage/Tone/Presentation – 10 Points

Are you showcasing strong diction throughout the paper? Is there a better word to use? Is your tone professional? Does your work have the veneer of academic polish?

Assignment needs

This a final blend of the drafts I have attached.

Please use the rubric for this paper.

Please have it double spaced and about 6-7 pages.

MLA format and updated works cited page

If there is any additional information to be added please do so.

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