The Early Republic and the American Civil War, history homework help

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1)  Explain (suggested length of 1–2 paragraphs) the reasons for the rise of partisan politics in the Early Republic (i.e., major conflicts and concerns, development of the First Party System).

2)  Discuss the development of the Second Party System by doing the following:

A.  Compare the platforms of the Whig and Democratic parties.(Similarities and differences)

B.  Describe the leaders and constituents that defined each party.

C.  Explain how the Second Party System contributed to increased democratization of American politics.

3)  Discuss the major movements and events that led to the Civil War by explaining the abolitionist arguments of the antebellum period. 

IF YOU’RE GOING TO CITE ANYTHING PLEASE USE APA FORMAT. NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE. This doesn’t have to be in essay form, just answer each question as you go along. Remeber, if you quote/paraphrase anything CITE IT.

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