The Creation of Effective Visual Aids

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For this Assignment, explore how PowerPoint can be used to create an effective presentation. Consider other types of visual aids that can be used to communicate criminal justice data. Then, review the Uniform Crime Reporting: and theBureau of Justice (BoJ) Statistics: to help find your data needed for this Assignment.

To complete your Assignment (1-2 pages)

  • Find three sets of raw numbers from criminal justice resources. Use the Uniform Crime Reporting: and theBureau of Justice (BoJ) Statistics:, to find your data.
  • The data can address recidivism rates, gun control, victimization or any other topic of interest to you.
  • Then create Your own visual aid for each of the sets of raw numbers (for a total of 3 visual aids). These can include graphs, tables, pictures, etc. Your visual aids must be developed on your own and are not taken from another source (This means you will be creating your own charts and tables. You are not copying an already created table or chart and turning it in. You must include the complete citation/reference for your submission and data).
  • At least one of your visual aids should be a PowerPoint presentation of the data. The other two visual aides might include tables, graphs, or pie charts
  • After you’ve created the visual aids, select 3 criminal justice settings such as policing, probation, courts, etc.
  • Then explain how the visual aids are appropriate to each of the criminal justice settings you selected.
  • Finally, describe the information presented in each of the visual aids you selected. Be sure to justify your responses with references and resources.

Support with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources.


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