Texas Politics

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Please answer all aspects of the following reflection question from Chapter 7: Voting and Political Participation for this module. Make sure you answer these in complete sentences! Please be as detailed as possible with your answer. For this question you must research the topic and answer accordingly. Please make sure This answer must have a minimum of 250 words.

1. Research the passed 2011 Voter I.D. law by the Texas Legislature. Tell me what 7 IDs Texas required voters to show to the polls after this law was passed. Then discuss the U.S Fifth Circuit Federal Appeals court decision in July 2016, and why they ruled this law was discriminatory. Finally, mention what new forms of identification Texas accepted to adhere to July 2016 ruling of the U.S Fifth Circuit Federal Appeals court.

In your conclusion give me your thoughts about the issue. Do you believe the initial law had a discriminatory effect based on what you have researched? Is voter fraud really an issue in the U.S? if you believe so then please provide evidence of discrimination or voter fraud.

Look for credible newspapers and sources for this. Your best bet will be major newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. There are others, but make sure it’s a credible and widely used source.

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