Terrorism: Is America at Risk

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America at Risk

Chapter 3 discusses the new terrorism
and “America at Risk”.  Prepare a 3 to 5 page essay in APA style
formatting, on why America is still at risk.  Incorporate 4 of the 8 “New
Styles of Terrorism”, as described by the authors, when justifying your

Must us a minimum of 3 references:

  1. More Violent

  2. Well Financed

  3. Well Trained

  4. Difficult to Penetrate

  5. Access to Weapons of Mass

  6. Truly GLobal

Textbook:  Howard, R. D., Sawyer, R. L., and Bajema, N.
E. (2011). TERRORISM and COUNTERTERRORISM: Understanding the
New Security Environment, Readings and Interpretations – Fourth Edition
. New
York, NY:  McGraw-Hill Publisher.


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