Teaching exceptional children

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I need all the following steps as a complete lesson 


Research has indicated that Readers’ Theatre is an effective tool to teach with disabilities / exceptionalities important academic and social skills. Therefore, students will be required to create a skill-based narrative play that will address the teaching of an academic,social, emotional , or vocational skill. The play should be on more that 2 pages in length and must be expected to share this play with colleagues as if they were using the play to teach students with exceptionalities. Students may choose to be specific about exceptionality or they may choose to use the play  in the context of the inclusive classrooms.     


Lesson adaption is a kay component to success of a students with exceptionalities in an academic setting . For this activity , students will be expected to choose a disability and adapt a lesson that addresses a student’s social, emotional, academic , or vocational need, The lesson should be presented in its original format and be superimposed with the adaption. Students should be carful to design the lesson using an acceptable and recognized lesson plan (e.g.Madeline Hunter or the 5Es approach ).


Because goals and objectives are important to the development of an Individualized Educational Plan, students will be expected to write a minimum of 4 goals and several objectives that will address a weakness of a child with exceptionalities . The goals and objectives will address students’ academic , social , emotional or vocational needs . Each goals should have no less than four objectives. These goals and objectives will the week after the class session on writing effective IEPs.  

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