Synthesis Essay about privacy

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1. Introduce the topic. either give an anecdote from your own life, a cultural relevant or a quote that relates to privacy. Give your reader a sense of what you’ll be discussing in the essay. have a strong thesis

2. next, tell us what others are saying, i will be providing 3 article which you’ll have to provide a summary and analysis of the ideas put forth by the article. Be sure to show how these ideas relate and differ. Make sure to provide quotes from the article to back you up. (must use all 3 sources that i provided)

Greenwald Glenn “why privacy matters” (Ted talk)

Menand louis “why do we care so much about privacy” (article)

Solnit rebecca “driven to distraction” (article)

3. Now after you have shown what others have said its your turn to respond, show whether you agree, disagree, or both. you’ll have to include reference to your self- selected text that may support your position or at least help to why what you are discussing is important. Be sure to distinguish what you are saying from what others have said. It would help to identify whos views you agree with the most and explain your reasoning with examples from knowledge and experiences. Include quotes.

my self-selected article

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