Supply Chain and Logistics

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You are required to select one logistics/supply chain company or service provider or similar logistics related institution in the Sultanate of Oman and familiarize yourself with that institution’s systems and operations fully.

After reading the attached report answer the following Questions:

Q1. Linking with the above case do a comprehensive history of the systems, procedures, market, suppliers, support industries and operations of the chosen organization and how they have been affected by the movement of shipping to Sohar Port. Then do a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the selected company/organization then analyse the challenges and opportunities facing the organization, and their causes, and offer possible solutions. Interviewing management is a requirement and would help shed light on most issues, besides your own experience in researching the organization. Justify your answer with applied examples right through.

Q2. The emergency of Duqm as a Special Economic Zone has completely shaken Oman and created a hussle and bussle in economic activities in Duqm. You are required to do an analysis of the impact on the Oman economy of the establishment of Duqm as a Special Economic Zone (covering opportunities and challenges faced). You must interview either Duqm Muscat Office or the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry or Ministry of Industry and Commerce or Ithraa or ASYAD or Oman Logistics Centre or Tanfeedh to get required answers. An interview script must be attached as an appendix at the end of the assignment as proof of interview and you state clearly who was interviewed and his/her position in the company.

Q3. Get import and export figures for Oman plus FDI figures for Oman from 2013-2017. Critically relate those figures to the above case and analyse those figures, trends and dynamics and explain why Oman is lagging behind United Arab Emirates in the logistics sector. Critically explain what Oman needs to do to attract global and local investment in logistics, industry growth, innovation, R & D, dynamism, maximize confidence and expansion. Issues related to easy of doing business, new business registration turnaround, new business formation cost and rules and commitment/attitude/competence of government bureaucrats need to be addressed versus world best practice and GCC competitors.

** Submit a Work Proposal within 2 Days mentioning how you will answer all questions.

** you are required to use At least 10 research articles in the body of the assignment and reference them correctly.

** total word count = 3000 words.

** In-text Citations and References using CU Harvard Style.

** The report have a Conclusion.

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