Summary of 1st year/Doctoral Qualifying Assignment in abt 5 pages, business and finance homework help

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I will provide all the assignment for the last one year of study, and I need to make Summary of the first year. So we can write about the program, what classes were taken, about, what we study, what we learned, what did we get from this course, and program so far, conclusion…. 

Classes: BUS 710, BUS 720, BUS 725, BUS 730, BUS 735, BUS 760, BUS 765

Work needs to be done:

Write a 4-page single space w min 550 words per page, paper in response to a case study or similar assignment provided by your professor. Answers are to be clear, well-organized, and specific. Provide a concise, cogent argument and include details to support your response.

Please Follow  following requirements:

Ø  Content  rich, all questions and their parts have been answered and communicates substantive, accurate, and evidence-based analysis and critical thought.

Ø  Effective in supporting the student’s argument. The student provides supporting evidence for the argument

Ø  Well organized with a logical flow, contains correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

Ø  Follow all formatting guidelines, including page-length and APA formatting requirements.

Ø  The student is able to effectively demonstrate the ability to draw logical and valid conclusions based on the supporting researched based evidence presented.

Ø  Use at least 5 quality peer-reviewed and scholarly resources (not website based) outside of the textbook to support your argument.

Ø  Make sure all questions and sub-questions needs to be answered

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