Summary cases

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1. a. Do a summary of Wolf v. Colorado, 338 U.S. 25, given the below outline.

2. Define and expand on the doctrine of incorporation. What is this and what does it mean for criminal justice?

Summarize this video and its importance for CJ and procedures

3. What is the significance of Schneckloth v. Bustamonte, 412 U.S. 218 ? Give a summary of this case (format below) and its importance.

Note: you are to use the court case, not the text to answer these questions. Use the following format for the cases: Give the name of the case; case number/year and then:

1. FACTS: 2-3 sentences summarizing the important facts.

2. ISSUE: Usually there is only one issue in a case. It generally asks a constitutional question or raises a constitutional issue and set out why a case is important.

3. HOLDING: The holding generally answers the constitutional question raised or addresses the issue raised.

4. REASONING: (The most difficult part of the brief.) Explain why the court held or decided the way it did. It should be approximately 4 sentences.

5. CASE SIGNIFICANCE: 2+ sentences which will include the impact on law enforcement or corrections personnel.

4.Do a summary for the case: Florida v. Jardines, 569 U.S.__(2013).

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