Summary and 2 Questions

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For this assignment you will read, and write a summary and provide 2 questions for a total of 350 words . you will read Michael Shermer Why People Believe Weird Things pages 173-251 . Please only bid if you have access to the book Michael Shermer Why People Believe Weird Things 173-251. Please complete in MLA Style.

Part 1:

After reading the assigned pages of Shermer’s book, give a brief summary of them, so I can tell you have read and watched the material.


Then, choose three logical fallacies Shermer discusses in the book and discuss what topic he presents them with and how the fallacies affect arguments for or against the fallacies you chose. List and explain each fallacy separately, so you reader does not get confused. Explain your answer fully.

Part 2

2 Questions:

End your Response with two thought provoking questions for your classmates to answer. Make sure to avoid yes or no questions and concentrate on questions that make your classmates connect to the material yet demonstrate an understanding of the question. Your questions should be regarding logical fallacies.

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