strategic marketing ” STP “

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I have a work assignment job related to strategic marketing ” STPSegmentation, Targeting & Positioning,

“….positioning and segmentation are distinct parts of the [marketing] strategy and provide us with some extremely powerful tools; but ultimately they are linked by the central issue of focusing on satisfying customer’s needs in ways that are superior to competitors” (Hooley et al, 2012 p183)*.

*** Hooley et al (2012) Marketing Strategy & Competitive Positioning. 5th ed. Harlow Pearson ***

1.By reference to academic literature, explore, evaluate, and critique, the concept of Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning (STP). Use appropriate examples (plural) from different industries (plural) to exemplify how organisations (plural) have applied STP, to demonstrate your learning and application of this topic.

2.Indicate how any company could apply the concepts around STP, making generic recommendations.

3.You are required to produce an essay that demonstrates your understanding of this key aspect of strategic marketing.

4. The essay should have the following :-

A- a sound theoretical and conceptual perspective, containing evidence of critical debate with reference to appropriate academic literature.

B- sound examination of STP and its application in industry showing an effective practical foundation.

C- generic management recommendations.

so I ask the specialists in this area to help and provide the best they have and that to get ” A ” mark.

Note : The Assignment support video, most watched before starting the assignment.…

Should be addressed as the following :-

1. level 7 (MBA) academic style.

2. 3000 words, +/- 10% (excluding Executive Summary, Contents page, titles and references list [as applicable]).

My Professor Feedback

The response is, at times, “descriptive” rather than “analytical”. This is something to improve on as your submissions develop.
There is a good argument developing within the essay and this could be enhanced further through deeper critical analysis.

More details in the attachment.

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