Strategic Communications (1,500 words)

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General Assignment Information:

Education Level: Diploma

Subject of Assignment: Strategic Communications

Number of Words: 1,500 words

Type of Referencing: APA

Number of References Required: 5

Deadline: 12 hours from now

Assignment Question:

Assume you are the PR executive for the Reach Community Café. Develop a brief
background of the Reach Community Café and include a description of its key
stakeholders. Discuss the importance of strategic communication for Reach
Community Café and evaluate its efforts at managing its corporate reputation.
Analyse strategies that the café can use to manage its corporate reputation today
when publics may either be indifferent or cynical.

Assignment Background:

Question 1 –

At Reach Community Café in Bukit Batok, customers can pay any amount they
wish for their meals. Also, the café is run by seniors for seniors.

Instead of employing paid staff, the café relies on volunteers – who are seniors
themselves – to prepare the meals and befriend other senior citizens who visit
the café. In turn, seniors showcase their skills as chefs, baristas and servers.
They also participate in planning the menu and designing the café.

The initiative by Reach Community Services, a charitable organisation that
offers community support and services, aims to draw seniors who live alone
or who are “at risk of social isolation” out into a social space to “make new
friends, enjoy a meal and learn together”.

However, staff of Reach, Mr Ivan Ho, acknowledged that the pay-as-you-wish
model could be abused but he hoped that through this initiative, senior
citizens are encouraged to mingle with others.

Sources: Ang, T. (2017, October 06). Community cafe empowers the seniors.
Retrieved October 10, 2017, from

Tan, S. (2017, October 06). Cafe run by seniors for seniors opens in Bukit Batok.
Retrieved October 10, 2017, from

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