Stereotypes of Racial, Ethnic, and Sexual Orientation Minorities

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Consider the meanings and connotations of terms like “hoodlum,” “beaner,” “towel-head,” and “fag.” These terms are often used with negative undertones and are related to the racial and ethnic, and sexual minority stereotypes that exist in society. Although these terms, independent of other factors, are relatively harmless, the stereotypes they imply may lead to crimes against racial, ethnic, and sexual orientation minorities.

For example, in the cases discussed in the Weekly Introduction, police officers assumed Diallo and Bell to be “suspicious” and armed. These assumptions then led officers to shoot and kill both Diallo and Bell. In the public outcry that surrounded both of these incidents, many argued that Diallo and Bell were victims because of racial stereotypes and assumptions made on the basis of skin color.

For this Discussion, you select a current news story from print or media(no more than 5 years old) that involves a crime committed against an individual or group related to racial and ethnic, and/or sexual orientation stereotypes.

Post by Day 4 a description of the news story you selected. Then explain how racial or ethnic stereotypes may have contributed to the victimization. Finally, explain at least one strategy that might reduce stereotypes contributing to the victimization of racial and ethnic minorities. Support your response with references to the literature and the Learning Resources.

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