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Please read the article, “Revolutions and Regime Change,” by J. Goodwin and R. Rojas, Attached in file. Word count: 300

The article brings up the ongoing discussions of how social movements change societies and the tensions between revolution or reform. This tension between revolution (total system change) or reform (minor adjustments) remains a key question when we consider the many challenges facing humanity (the looming threat of climate change and ongoing threat of nuclear war)

Answer the following questions (below) – you may choose to interpret them loosely.

1. How do the authors define the term revolution and what are the various types of revolutions mentioned in the article?

2. Based upon the article, what are the three major symptoms of revolutionary situations? In other words, when is a revolution most likely to occur?

3. Do you see any of the symptoms of revolutionary situations taking place within the US today? Why or why not?

Additional question: Professor Erica Chenoweth studies social movement tactics and the tension between violence and non-violence as a tactic. Please read this short article (below) about the relative effectiveness of both strategies (violence and nonviolence).…

4. Based on the Chenoweth article: Is the use of violence or non-violence a more effective tactic in achieving social movement goals? Why?

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