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Instructions: Please respond to either question 1 or 2 with an initial post of at least 150 words, using the textbook and links to sources provided.  Then post at least one substantive reply to another post in either section.

Question 1: In Chapter 25 (pp. 818-824), we learn about classical music and two of that genre’s great composers–Haydn and Mozart.  Listen to one composition (or a symphony) by Haydn or Mozart. Identify the work that you have chosen, and describe the way in which the composition expresses the specific qualities of the Classical music style. Compare it to a specific modern musical work for which you might use the term “classic” or “classical”.

Question 2: Discuss the early autobiographical or fictional accounts by a slave (such as by Phillis Wheatley, Olaudah Equiano, John Gabriel Stedman or Aphra Behn), as well as the representations of slavery in the visual arts (such as William Blake’s illustrations, William Hackwood’s cameo, or John Singleton Copley’s painting).  How effective do you think these writers and artists were in impacting their generation? 


Classical Music

Early Abolitionist Art & Literature

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