Simple response to article and a short comment to other’s response

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(1) Read the article and respond to each questions/task below:

Posts should be a minimum of 200 words, but do not exceed 500 words for all questions.

Posts should be relevant to the topic being discussed, but should also attempt to introduce a new point of view or piece of information or otherwise further the discussion

Posts should use correct grammar, punctuation and vocabulary appropriate for a college-level course.

Misuse of the discussion boards will not be tolerated.

  1. What is the argument of the article?
  2. Identify one point/evidence used to support the authors argument, and analyze the evidence. Is it strong or weak evidence, and why?
  3. What is the compromise in this article? (Remember that Rogerian arguments will have a compromise).
  4. Create one analytical question based on the article. An analytical question expands our understanding of the text, but can’t be easily answered (i.e. not a yes or no response).


(2) Also comment to the following response (other’s answers to the first task you just did):

1. The main argument of the article “Katie Couric and Celebrity Medicine Syndrome” by Julia Belluz and Steven J. Hoffman is that people are willing to believe celebrities, even though these celebrities are not a professional in said trade.

2. “Classical conditioning suggests that we learn to psychologically associate unrelated stimuli in a way that exposure to them achieves similar responses. This means warm feelings toward celebrities are stirred up in us by the things they pitch. It’s no surprise, then, that PepsiCo paid Beyoncé $50 million to promote its products.” (7)This is a extremely strong piece of evidence. Pepsi wouldn’t pay Beyoncé that kind of money to endorse if they weren’t expecting a greater return.

3. The comprise of this article is “Recognizing that it is a human vulnerability and a serious public health challenge” (¶10). by doing this people would think before they follow other celebrities.

4. If you were a celebrities, did you take a responsibility to the public for the products that you endorse?

  • Do not simply “agree” or “disagree”. Remember to stay on or at least close to the topic. Try to focus on meaningful discussion vs. your number of posts, otherwise it becomes clear that you are posting just to try to meet the requirements.

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