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  • Assume you are the program editor for a local edition of the evening news. 
  • Look at the topics found on p. 377 of your textbook (a-j). 
  • Put the topics in order from what you will show first to what will be shown last.  Remember, what is shown where, “suggests” to the audience what is important.  Think about your audience – what will draw them in?  What will keep them interested? 
  • A 30 minute news program is really only 24 minutes long.  Look at your topics, and decide how many minutes each of those are going to receive. Again, the amount of time spent on a topic ‘suggests’ importance to the viewer.
  • Give a brief explanation of your list ie.  why you chose a topic to go first and why you gave certain topics more time. 
  • Post your answers under here. (20 points) 
  • Respond to at least TWO (user1 and user2)  other classmates’ postings using a 3-4 sentence response for each. Try to see the choices they made through their eyes and how that might make for a compelling or not so compelling newscast.  Compare your choices to theirs.  (10 points)
user 1

In order from what will be shown first to last:

g- major freeway accident causing delays in evening commute- 4 minutes

b- a murder suicide occurred at a downtown hotel – 4 minutes

h- local day-care charged with child abuse- 3 minutes

c- polls on an upcoming campaign- 3 minutes

d-serious drought in a neighboring country- 2 minutes

j- massive starvation in another country- 2 minute

a- update on hopeful signs in new Mideast peace initiatives- 1 minute 

e. a death-row inmate has been executed, and there was a protest involving 300 people- 2 minutes

i- new drug for treating aids- 2 minutes

f- famous film star arrested for drunk driving-1 minute 

=24 Minutes.

Keeping in mind that this is a LOCAL news channel i decided to put LOCAL incidents first. The  major freeway accident is first because it probably affected many people either coming home from work or on the way to work. When driving by an accident on a freeway I feel that a lot of people will want to know more details of who was involved and how it happened. I tried to give the topics that are local more time than the world wide topics. I decided to put the celebrity one last because it was the most irrelevant one to all the other topics. They all seemed to be either depressing or eerie, and i though that by ending it with a celebrity getting arrested might brighten up the mood for some, (haha).

user 2 

g. A major freeway accident is causing accident is causing hour long delays in the evening commute. 4min

h. A local day care center has been charged with child abuse. 4min

b. A murder suicide occurred at a downtown hotel. 3min

c. Polls on an upcoming campaign show the front runner falling behind. 3min

j. There is massive starvation in another country, and relief efforts are hindered by a lack of funds. 2min

d. There is a serious drought in a neighboring country. 2min

i. A new drug for treating AIDS, which has been used with some good results in Canada, has been banned indefinitely in the US pending Food and Drug Administration approval. 2min

a. There is an update on hopeful signs in new Mideast peace initiatives. 1min

e. A death row inmate had been executed and there was a protest involving 300 people. 2min

f. A famous film star has been arrested for drunk driving.1min

I chose the crash as the first topic to be discussed because people need to know whats going on, on the roads for their daily commute. It was important to talk about this before anything else because it effects peoples daily lives. The last item that I had on the list of things to talk about was the celebrity because that is the least important thing on the list and is only really used for entertainment. I also gave it the shortest amount of time because there isnt much to talk about since the celebrity was doing something stupid and illegal. 

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