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  • Read about ‘suggestion’ on page 322 in your textbook.
  • Think of five ways you use the power of suggestion in your life – to create an impression on a boss, friend, mate, teacher, parent, or in general.  Remember, suggestion is “presenting ideas in such a way as to reveal certain aspects or qualities and to conceal others.”  It is not merely “making a suggestion”. 
  • Post your thoughts under M5 – Suggestion. (20 points) 
  • Respond to at least TWO (user1 and user 2 )other classmates’ postings. The responses should be at least 3-4 sentences each:  Were there examples correct, using the definition from the textbook?  Make a connection with their suggestions; do you ever do the same?  (10 points) 
User 1 

I could better my power of suggestions by:

  1. Learning to connect with people- by learning to connect with others you gain more people skills and you can use that to help understand certain situations.
  2. Learn good listing skills- by obtaining listening skills you will be able to understand what people may be feeling by what tone they are speaking in.
  3. Study and use body language- by being able to read a person’s body language you are able to see what type of mood the person may be in which can help in certain situations
  4. Learn how to recognize and manage stress- If you can learn to recognize what triggers stress in your life you can learn to avoid those triggers or develop coping skills that can help you deal with the stress in your life without it negatively affecting your social life.
  5. Being kind to myself- in order for you to have a happy healthy life you have to take care of yourself, the best way to do that is to love yourself so you can love others.

User 2 

I could use the power of suggestion by:

1. Healthy Diet- If I maintain a Healthy diet, my family will also get a healthy diet as well and they will be energetic.

2. Learn  Organization skills: by learning to be organized you can earn back more time if the area is clean and will help yourself be less stressed.

3. Make up- To suggest that my complexion is more eye catching than it is.

4. When I wear high heels- to suggest that I am not really 4’11 and a half.

5. when I Wear perfume- To suggest that I smell like flowers.

This one was kind of confusing I feel like.

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