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You have been practicing counseling skills either on a volunteer or on yourself throughout this course.This paper is an opportunity to reflect on everything you learned.

Write a 250-500-word paper addressing the following:

What is the most significant information you learned about the skills required to be an effective counselor? Were there any skills that surprised you as you worked through the course?

What are your strengths as a potential counselor?These could be skills, attitudes or behaviors that will be an asset in the counseling role.

What skills do you think will be most difficult for you?What might be your handicaps as a counselor?

What are some specific actions you will take to prepare yourself for your future practicum experience?

Include at least three scholarly references in your paper, including

Egan, G. (2014). The Skilled Helper, 10th Edition. Belmont: Brooks/Cole, Cenage Learning.

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