Second class DQ1 respond to Amamda Brummel

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Patient education is a key component in the duties of a nurse. There are many barriers with health care that can prevent a patient from achieving their health goals. The unknown of health issues for a patient with their diagnosis can potentially cause harm due to the missing education and knowledge they need. Family involvement can be included in the care plan due to support systems being a key resource in patient recovery. It is the nurse’s job to assess the patient at all times, and assessing the knowledge a patient has can assist with patient education. I agree that the health care team should use Layman’s Terms and the teach-back method of having the patient/caregiver reciprocate the teaching should be utilized. Education in nursing is started upon admission and finalized with a summary packet post discharge. “Keep in mind, a patient can be literate, but not health literate. They may be able to read and write but have difficulty understanding health-related information, such as discharge instructions, reading prescription labels, or scheduling follow-up appointments,” (Whitney, 2018). Every patient is different, and when it comes to health literacy the nurse needs to make the information as easy and understanding as possible to best ensure best patient outcomes.

Whitney, S. (2018). Teaching and Learning Styles. Health Promotion: Health and Wellness Across the Continuum.Retrieved from…

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