SCC Biology Bodys Immune System Discussion

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  • What was the best part of their narrative?
  • How well did their answer address all the actions of the white blood cell described in the assignment?
  • For each point, did they accurately include specific organelles or other structures that would be involved in the processes, both inside and outside of the cell?
  • Can you think of any additional structures they may have left out?
  • Did they accurately describe the synthesis and delivery of the digestive enzymes, involving the nucleus and endomembrane system? Did they describe how movement from the nucleus to the endomembane system to the organelle of digestion?
  • What do you think might be the most important aspect of their narrative that they should improve in their revision?

Third response: 

White blood cells are the defense system of our body. When we have bacteria present in our blood it is their job to perform phagocytosis or “cell eating” of a bacteria, but there are certain organelles within a white blood cell that makes this all happen. Firstly, as a eukaryotic cell WBC’s have a nucleus that stores all genetic material to keep controlling their function. When bacteria enters our body it will give off a chemical footprint that white blood cells can detect and process that info to attack. Mitochondria within the cell gives it it’s energy to move fast and attack the foreign bacteria before it can multiply or do any damage. White blood cells will typically engulf the bacteria as phagocytosis is a form of endocytosis. When the bacteria is within the cell it is destroyed in the cytosol and the protein of the bacteria is broken up and processed within the white blood cell. This is usually done with an enzyme present inside the cytosol so to break down the bacteria. With help of the lysosomes, which aid by binding to the bacteria once its within the cell, the bacteria is quickly digested.

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