Santa Monica College ?photosynthesis Discussion

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This week we will learn about photosynthesis. The process is basically divided into two parts, one of which requires carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere to produce carbohydrates. Photosynthesizing organisms, consequently, are extraordinarily useful (and cheap) tools to mitigate climate change, considering that CO2 is the most abundantly emitted greenhouse gas.

I am trying not to get ahead of myself here, as we will cover climate change towards the end of our summer term, but let’s try to put these two things together as best as we can.  In a world of growing human population and an equally growing demand for resources and agricultural land, how can we possibly guarantee the optimal use of photosynthesizing organisms in the attempt to halt climate change? In other words, how can we a) stop deforestation around the world and b) increase the number of photosynthesizing organisms (e.g. plants) in counties, states and countries worldwide?

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