Saint Leo University Evolution Biology Essay

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TERM PAPER: (APA style required):
This is a 10-page essay in which you will reflect upon each of the chapter themes in Why Evolution
Is True. It should include reflections on your development and understanding of what evolution is and is not. It
should include your personal journey of discovery related to the concept of evolution. It should also include
philosophical, theological, and sociological reflections as well as a demonstration of a scientific understanding of
evolution. Additionally, you should critique and evaluate the ideas presented in the book using your scientific
understanding of the process of evolution. Your paper will be posted to Turnitin, which will detect any plagiarism.

you must have the “Why evolution is true” book by Jerry A Coin in order to complete this assignment. If not you will not be able to complete it. It must be 10 pages and each chapter must be evaluated. It must be in APA format also.

Please no plagiarism to were there will be serious consequences. So please, your own words. It must also be in APA format.

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