Revise the paper that we used to work on

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Please make a revision of the paper that we used to work on, and combine with another several readings into the paper that I attach them later on.

Also, since I talked to the instructor about the paper, I changed the thesis a little bit as described below:

Since the Zen Center of San Diego evolves the traditional theories of Japanese Zen Buddhism into more universal type of religion unlike the Zen Center of Los Angeles or Japanese Zen temples. The sociological causal models would apply to the causes, internal dynamics and sociocultural functions of the Zen Center of San Diego and how it’s converted into the universal thoughts of the Zen Center is essential as a structural mode of analysis in this paper.

Therefore, you don’t need to focus on the psychological causal model anymore, but please focus on the sociological causal model only but deeply analyze it with the connection between the model and the Zen Center I interviewed.

The paper should be written as below:

◦ Introduction

‣ Thesis – how affect – psychological and sociological models

◦ Part A: History and background (4-5 pages)

◦ Part B: Analysis of causal model (9 pages long)

◦ Conclusion: One page

Since you’ve already wrote 8 pages so far, so please write and revise 7 more pages – in total of 15 pages, please.

The following are the previous sessions’s description:


Please write a paper about a topic of Zen Buddhism and the sociological analysis view of the religion in contemporary society. Which means that you’d write about “How differentiate the Zen Buddhism in Japan and the Zen Buddhism in San Diego, California, in the United States. Also, how is it converting the practices and their methods of the sociological causal model and psychological causal model in Zen Buddhists?

I’m attaching the study guide and the instruction for this paper, and One big article which is very important and related to this paper – the connection of sociological and psychological causal models.

* Thus, please make a relations between the topic of Zen in the US and those models.

* This paper needs to be divided into three parts:

◦ Introduction

‣ Thesis – how affect – psychological and sociological models

◦ Part A: History and background (4-5 pages)

◦ Part B: Analysis of causal model (3-4 pages long)

* The thesis statement for this paper is:

“How does Zen Buddhism affect believers’ life in the US, and take the converting processes into the American society? Since Zen Buddhism started the path through from the East to the US, it gives people totally different influences from the other religions. Hence, what are their causes, internal dynamics, and sociocultural functions? What relationships can be established between the socioeconomic status of group members and their religious participation?”

Of course, you can revise the thesis statement above, but you may use the concept of them above.

* Lastly, the Part A of the historical background part of the paper could be a differentiations between Japanese Zen Buddhism and the Western Zen Buddhism, because I’m a Japanese international student going to UC San Diego, California studying a sociology of religions in contemporary society.

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