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– All you need to do is to fix the essay to a perfect essay.
– The main thing is that write a one-page letter details your changes.
– You can include the one-page letter before the essay.

PERSONAL ACADEMIC ESSAY: For this assignment, you will:
Write a typed, Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spaced, 1,200 to 1,500-word article.
Include at least six reputable sources, two of which must be print sources, in your article.
You also must use one of the texts we have or will read in class .
Incorporate an introduction, conclusion, thesis, transitions, and analysis in your essay.
Include body paragraphs that each focus on a different element that support your thesis.
These paragraphs should include topic sentences, PIE (point, illustration, explanation) paragraphs, and thesis referencing.

Citation: Please include parenthetical documentation and works cited page.
Make sure to list authors’ credentials and the source from which the quote or paraphrase derives in the body of the text.
For this essay, we will continue to use MLA citation; your essay should include a Works Cited page.

Support: Your essay will need to provide a minimum of three ideas about your chosen topic.
Each point should focus on a different aspect of your research.
It should then include descriptions from your research that illustrates some aspect of your thesis.
In addition, each new idea should also include quotes or paraphrases from your texts.

Editing: The paper should be proofread and edited for sentence structure, spelling, and grammar.
This essay should be of publishable quality, and mistakes will be taken more seriously than in previous assignments.

Content and argument:
Do you construct an argument about the topic?
Do you connect to your argument in a personal way?
Is your argument is introduced in a thesis statement?
Is your argument developed throughout the essay?

Support: Do you include a personal narrative with clear details?
In the personal sections of the essay, do you describe your point of view carefully?
Have you included at least five outside sources and one source from our class?
Do you use sources to back up all of your ideas?
Have you included in-text citations referencing the source of each idea and quote?

P.I.E. paragraphs
Topic sentences

Editing: Are your sentences grammatically-correct?
Do you have typos or spelling errors?

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