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I am a graduate learner in the
Doctorate Educational Leadership in Behavioral Health program under the
guidance of my Chair. I am looking for 4 individuals with PHD’s or Doctorate degrees in the field of  Psychology, Behavioral Health, Trauma,
Counseling,Therapy, or related filed to be a part of an expert panel review to ensure the validity of my interview
questions that will be used as part of my dissertation study about female
perceptions of their experience of childhood sexual abuse by a family member
and how implementing or not implementing forgiveness as a coping skill has
impacted their relationship towards their perpetrator. I will attach my review questions for my study and the survey/interview validation rubric to use as a guide as you look at the questions. What I need is for you to look the interview questions over as it relates to female survivors of sexual abuse form a family memeber and how implementing forgiveness as a coping skill has impacted their relationship with their perpetrator and use your expertise to critique the questions. Let me know how I can make the questions better, if I have a question that needs to be changed, list questions that maybe I should consider. When critiquing the questions please use this formate:

DQ1:1 needs ……. or   RQ1:2 maybe you should consider writing the questions like…….   or you can list a question I have not thought of.

Note- Please don’t forget to place your credentials and expereince in the box at the bottom of the Survey/Interview Validation Rubric for Expert Panel form. List credentials, area of study and expereince to validate your qualified to review the interview questions, only individuals with Doctorates and PHD’s may review and respond to this.

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