Response to peers Iranea Rivas and Norys Fleites

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I need response to two peers in my discussion board,I only need one paragraph for each one.

Post of Iranea Rivas

Pregnancy, this like the video says should be nothing but positive vibes all around the mother to be. Music is a great way to calm and relax your unborn child and yourself, when you play music for the unborn baby it will help tony the concentration span for the baby’s future. When the child is born and you play the music you used to when he was inside the womb, the baby will feel secure and safe. Reading something that makes you feel good to your baby will make your baby feel good too. I didn’t know that reading to babies is a way that they become familiar with the mother’s voice. Not only talking to him to sing a song or read a book but telling the baby about your surroundings make them feel comfortable and use to your voice. Babies that are more comfortable with their mother’s voices become closer to them and those around them as well, and will always be by your side. Doing yoga will strengthen your pelvic muscles and make birth time a bit easier, as well as meditation and breathing methods helps ease child birth. Avoid laughing heavily because it shakes the baby and spicy food will give you heart-burn that can cause you to give birth a bit before time. A lot of these mentions details from the video I had no idea of, now I can give these tips and ideas to someone and or use them myself in the future.

Post of Norys Fleites

I think it’s a very interesting video. The advices provided in the video of what we can learn from the baby are very real. In fact, it is very common to hear many parents say that you learn a lot more when you have children. Children act in a special and innocent way that makes everything they do natural and spontaneous. The advice they give us in the video I really think we have to put it into practice. Practicing being present was one of the tips that most caught my attention. it is very true that for any job that we need we must be multi task without having a present that sometimes is not very effective, but we live in a society where it is necessary to be. Children live their day to day step by step no matter what they do their things one at a time and so we should do the same. I think this video is special to reflect and put various advices in practice.

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