Response to discussion post minimum 100 words

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When responding to other postings pick a different position than the person you are engaging in the discussion.

State 2 reasons you might agree and 2 reasons you might not agree with their recommended strategies. Things regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening in the post.

Student post down below:

A client has been referred due to excessive fatigue and feeling down a lot lately. I introduced myself and advised of confidentiality and other company practices. Upon asking the client, “Please let me know what brought you here today?” I observed the following:


49- year old Afro American female with glasses, about 5 ft 7 inches tall, 185 lbs. with adequate hygiene but nails are unmanicured. Rough hands.

Manner and Approach

The client appears confident and professional. Straight posture, no problems expressing thoughts or understanding questions, direct eye contact except when tearful. She prefers to speak with “a counselor or someone that won’t openly judge her.


The client understands health issues (HBP and Hashimoto thyroid) but not familiar with medications. She states that she is sure her feeling down isn’t affiliated with thyroid since she had a check-up recently. She states that she is separated from husband for 5th time in 21 years. She wants a divorce but doesn’t know how since husband is a great father to their last children.


The client is alert and very open but seems torn about her next move regarding marriage (gives simple and vague answers). She uses humor and periodically tears up when discussing relationship with husband.

Thought Process

The client is excited about beginning a new career when finished college in a year. She is dedicated to being accessible to her young children, which she was unable to be for her older child. Coherent until she talks about husband and/or marriage.


The client states although she puts on a pleasant front, she is usually unhappy because she is upset at herself for the back and forth in her marriage and doesn’t know how to end it.


The client states that she goes through depressed times when her husband pressures her about reuniting, which is frequently and is very irritable at beginning of the month when the bills are due. She states that she has enough energy to go to work or college and to make sure kids go to school but usually just sleeps most of the day.

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