Respond to both discussion questions. 150+ words each. post your references

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This requires a substantive, referenced written response demonstrating an understanding of the concepts being discussed. All Discussions must supported by current research, i.e. journal articles published within the last 10 years.


How does work motivation differ from motivation in general? Or, is it the same? If different, why is the distinction important? Support your answer with empirical research.


Johns (2006) wrote about the main effects of contextual variables on work motivation while lamenting researchers’ failure to consider the joint or interactive effects of such variables. Read Johns’ article. What insights does it provide? How can his assertions be applied to work motivation, the workplace environment, and practitioners’ understanding of these mechanisms? Compare Johns’ assertions to Miner’s article. How do they differ? How are they the same?

Johns, G. (2006). The essential impact of context on organizational behavior. Academy of Management Review, 31(2), 386-408. doi:10.5465/AMR.2006.20208687

Miner, J. B. (2003). The rated importance, scientific validity, and practical usefulness of organizational behavior theories: A quantitative review. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2(3), 250-268. doi:10.5465/AMLE.2003.10932132

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