Research paper on corporate finance

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Pick a company of your choice. Preferably it should be a public company
whose financial data is easily available on Internet. Conduct a
comprehensive research on the company of your choice, based on its most
current financial statements available (income statement, balance sheet
and cash flow statement). Once you finish your research, please answer
the following questions:

1) Give a brief history of the company- (2 points)

2) Analyze the overall financial health of the company based on your
research on the financial statements ( 6 points). Is the stock price
overvalued or undervalued? (6 points).
3) Pick one major competitor of your company. How is your company
performing vs its one major competitor in the industry. (4 points).

4) Would you recommend this stock to a new investor? (2 points).

Please submit the project in the form of answers to the 4 questions
above. Credit given to answers which show evidence of research and
critical thinking skills.

Here is something very
critical about the Research Project. Unlike regular projects where you
write sections and paragraphs, I want you to format this project in the
form of answers to all the 4 questions. So here is what it should look

Question 1) Type the question

Your Answer:…

Question 2)Type the question

Your Answer…

Question 3)..Type the question

Your answer…

Question 4)..Type the question

Your answer…

Please use this format to submit the project. No other format will be accepted.

of Corporate Finance” by Ross, Westerfield and Jordan, 9thEdition.

Published by McGraw Hills. You will also need the Access code to get

into Mcgraw Hill Connect.

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