Research Paper -Barthelme’s Style. write a 5-7 page research paper discussing the Barthelmes style.

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Research Project Grading Guidelines

Grading Terms. Your final project for this class is worth
200 points. Regardless of the type of project you choose to do, you will be
graded on the following terms:

Literary Analysis and Author Contribution. At least fifty
percent of your project should relate to an analysis of the literature,
regardless of whether or not you choose to write about an author. The purpose
of this class is to learn to read, relate to, and understand literature, so, in
turn, you can interpret the literature intelligently and relate your findings
to others. Equally important is understanding how the authors of the time
period contributed overall to the development of American literature.

Presentation and Appearance. The way you present your
project, be it a paper, PowerPoint presentation, or other form of media, will
be assessed. Did you follow proper MLA formatting guidelines? Is the
presentation visually appealing? Can all the text on the slides be seen?

Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling. These elements are
graded in your papers, so they will be graded on your final project, too. If
you are working in a program other than Word or a word processing program that
has automatic spell check, I suggest you turn on the spell check feature (you
can do this in PowerPoint) or type your text in Word and copy and paste it

Creativity is not a factor in your overall grade. That is, a
paper on the author’s style will not receive less points than, say, a
PowerPoint presentation. All projects, regardless of media, are assessed on the
same key points.

Points Breakdown. 200 points is the equivalent of two
opinion papers. Your grade will be divided this way:

50 points – grammar, punctuation, and spelling; MLA
formatting; presence of thoughtful reflection (if applicable)

150 points – literary analysis; generation of ideas;
incorporation of primary and secondary sources; clear use of elements of
writing (development, coherence, consistency, unity); complete development of
ideas; clear thesis, established and proved by project end

Research Paper—Author’s Style. Choose an author we have
studied this semester and write a five to seven page research paper discussing
this author’s style. Look at three to five primary sources (these can include
some of the literature we covered in class, though you should also address some
of the author’s other contributions as well) and use three to five secondary
sources (be sure they are reputable, which means no Wikipedia or SparkNotes) as

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