Report about Constructed wetland for industrial wastewater treatment (case studies)

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Only chapter 3,4 and 5 ( Thesis Report)

maximum 9-10 thousand words.

i have several study cases and all of them should be used in my thesis report.

i have already done chapter 1 and 2 so you’ll start with chapter 3 (methodology)

in chapter 3 i want you to start with an overview that explains the process you’ll be doing in chapter 3 briefly.

next start with the methodology where you give each title of the study cases ill send and write about the process of treatment ex; design, sizes, capacity, number of people, wetland type, area and everything related to the methodology. don’t explain the results here because that should be in the next chapter which is the result and discussion.

in chapter 4 (result and discussion) here show the results of each study case under its own title, talk about the treatment efficiency, water quality, comparisons and whatever results you find from the study cases and show them with figures, tables etc..

after that add a summary part where you compare between any 2 or 3 different cases (whatever you chose) that are related and discuss about the results

and in chapter 5 the ( conclusion) conclude it in a good way and talk about the best design and whatever is suitable.

i will attach a templet and you have to follow the official form, add an abstract, recommendation and everything mentioned but DONT write chapter 1 and 2 because i have already done that.

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