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After reading the article “High Anxieties: The social construction of anxiety disorders”, my mind explored the anxiety that I experience daily. I believe the author made some incredibly valid points regarding how society and other factors in life contribute to anxiety or personality disorders. When reading about the woman from Canada I sympathized greatly with her and felt like I was reading something about myself apart from her job title. I couldn’t agree more with the author when it comes to her views on how people essentially build their own cages. For instance, when you are a natural born people pleaser or go getter it’s almost as though you’re setting yourself up for failure down the line. I know for me especially when it comes to most aspects of my life, work mostly I don’t want my image to crumble as practice manager so I’m constantly spinning and spinning during the day. When I come home I’m then faced with balancing school and my life with my husband as well as our dogs. Sometimes I picture myself as one of those acrobats that’s jumping around all while spinning plates in the air and making sure they don’t drop. I believe that as technology advances it’s only going to add more to the fire regarding anxiety and social disorders. If you think about it we are all so dependent upon social media, and some people live on social media practically especially those who try to maintain an image. When we’re in fear of not meeting quotas or surpassing people’s expectations I feel like we’re feeding our own individual anxiety gremlins. Like I stated previously I couldn’t agree with the author more, she brought up various aspects in life that contribute to anxiety or social disorders

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