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(Weekly) Reflection Papers – They are only 1-2 pages, but should show effort, detail, and introspective thought, reflecting on how that week’s reading relates to each of that week’s readings and should include your (i.e., reflections) on the readings and the assignments of that week. . As with all assignments in this class you must write them using business style writing, and each week you must refer directly to each of the readings you did and comment on them.

There are two articles. Read each one and reflect to each.Please include thought, on facts from the articles that you can, then,refelect upon.Thank you.

1-Article (Generating new ideas).

2-Article (step by step on how to go from idea to product).

for example when you write follow this instruction:

overall reflection or introduction.

(This weeks readings were clearly ,…..etc)

my reflection to generating new ideas.


My reflection to step by step on how to go from idea to product.


“Business Style Writing” is combo prose + bullet/headers/memo style. .Do not write in large block paragraphs with no headers, etc. like an English or History paper. Write as if writing for a boss — i.e., a “business memo” — who may just skim it or, if they choose, may go in-depth on particular sections, of their choosing. Bullets and headers will help them find the section they’re interested in. Or, pretend you’re the boss and want an underling to write something for you. What style would YOU want it in? (probably the same? Something where it’s easy to find the answer by skimming, and/or something you can go in depth on, if you wanted).

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