Reflection Essay: Computing Ethics

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Your essay should address the following topics.

Part 1: Ethical and professional responsibilities
Describe the ethical and professional responsibilities of a computing professional. How do the ethical and professional responsibilities of a computer professional differ from those of other engineering professionals?

Part 2: Impacts
Consider how computer solutions impact people, places and property. Describe two computing solutions that have impacted our world and how we live. For each solution, describe how/if that solution has made a global impact, an economic impact, an environmental impact, and/or a societal impact. Support your claims with references.

Part 3: Informed Judgments
During your career, you may be called upon to make decisions that will impact others. Describe how you would make informed judgments. Consider legal, professional and ethical principles.


  • Use the CSE 301 Essay Template document for the correct formatting.
  • The essay must be at least 4 pages long, which may include the references.
    (No funny business like writing 3.5 pages and using insert new page to get to 4 pages.)
  • At least four references are required.
  • Include the section titles (Parts 1 – 3) in the essay.
  • Your paper must be professional in both tone and content.
  • Submit your paper as a pdf file.
  • Name your file Lastname_FirstName.pdf

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