Recommendations and Action Plans

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Prepare a final risk report (5-7 pages) that identifies privacy and security-related risks from throughout the quarter. Include evidence-based recommendations; action plans; and best practices, policies, and procedures to support the recommendations and action plans.


In this final assessment, the risk management director has asked you to compile a final risk report based on all of your findings related to privacy and security. The director has an executive meeting with various stakeholders and would like to share the recent risk issues identified throughout the hospital. In addition to identifying the risks, you will also make evidence-based recommendations and develop action items for the identified privacy and security related risks.

Completebthe Final Risk Report Template and use it to complete your assessment. Follow these guidelines when completing your final risk report template:

  • Introduction (1 to 2 paragraphs)
    • The point of the introduction is to orient the reader to the information presented in the final risk report.
    • Summarize the main types of risks identified at Valley City Regional Hospital.
    • Summarize the mains types of recommendations; action plans; and best practices, policies, and procedures provided.
    • Consider including a brief explanation of the differences among recommendations; action plans; and best practices, policies, and procedures.
  • Identified Privacy or Security Risk (Column 1)
    • In Column 1 you will create a master list of the privacy and security risks you uncovered throughout the quarter.
    • Consider grouping the privacy risks together and the security risks together.
  • Evidence-Based Recommendations (Column 2)
    • In Column 2 enter your evidence-based recommendations to address the identified risk and prevent it from occurring in the future.
    • Include three recommendations for each identified risk.
  • Action Plans (Column 3)
    • In Column 3 enter the action plans associated with each recommendation.
    • Include three action plans for each recommendation. This will be a total of nine action plans for each identified risk.
  • Best Practices, Policies, and/or Procedures to Support Recommendations and Actions Plans (Column 4)
    • Pay attention to the distinctions among recommendations; action plans; and best practices, policies, and/or procedures when constructing your plan.
      • Recommendations indicate what must be done.
      • Action plans show how it must be done.
      • Best practices, policies, and/or procedures outline how, by whom, and in which settings and circumstances the recommendations and action plans will be put into effect.
  • Summary (1 to 2 paragraphs)
    • Briefly summarize the use of HIPAA standards and legal and ethical implications relating to the recommendations and action plans.
    • Help Valley City Regional Hospital prioritize the most critical recommendations to implement first. Provide the rationale for your prioritization and substantiate your rationale with references to current, scholarly, and/or authoritative sources.

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