Read the short article and answer only one question​

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The total length of the answer is one page long the paper should be text only, (no graphs, tables, pictures, etc.), shall be formatted in paragraph form, with one (1”) inch margins, doubled spaced, 12 point font, with no additional spacing between paragraphs, and shall be numbered at the bottom center of the page, beginning with the first page after the Cover Sheet. Appropriate grade points shall be deducted for failure to follow the above format.

QUESTION (please answer this question only and ignore the questions listed below the original article).

What is the “Giving Voice to Values” system as developed by scholar/author Mary Gentile, and what benefits does she believe such a system can provide to ethical situations in a business environment? Do you believe the application of the system proved helpful in the assignment, “Doing Bad to Do Good”? Why or why not? What are the potential limitations to any such system based upon “self-policing” ethical actions?

The article is is submitted below.

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