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Amazon Company

CSIA 350

23 Jan 2016

Introduction of the Company Amazon

Amazon, officially called Inc., is an American e-commerce

company that is also involved in cloud computing. The organization operates

as an online retailer of different products within the United States as

well as other countries. This company was founded in 1994 in Seattle,

Washington where it has its headquarters. Sinceits origin to date, the

company has grown to become the largest retailer in the United States (US).

Although it started as an online books store, it began providing DVDs and

the expansion continued with time. The company began producing many

appliances and currently sales a large variety of products including simple

computer application and hardware.

The expansion of Amazon through the years has led the company to produce

consumer electronics like television sets and mobile phones among other

gadgets. While it has maintained a global online platform which is used

toprovide products to different types of markets, the company operates

avariety of websites in various countries that has created a kind of

autonomy in every single outlet in various locations. Individuals seeking

to purchase Amazon products in various parts of the world can also buy and

have the products delivered at a fee (Cleveland, 2008). This service has

enabled the company to expand to many countries and nearly have a global

presence since people can access the various sites that are operated by the

company and purchase products from Amazon. The growth of Amazon has been

excessive and in 2015 the company was able to surpass Wal-Mart, which has

been the most valuable retailing store chain in the US for many years.

Based on market capitalization, Amazon currently holds the position of the

most profitable retailer in the country. Amazon’s company ticker falls

under the NASDAQ as “AMZN”.

An Overviewof the Company’s Operation

The growth of Amazon has been mainly through the acquisition of various

business entities that perform different functions. It has enabled the

organization to expand the range of products that it provides over the time

it has existed to become a leading retailer within the market. Other than

the acquisitions which the company has developed, it operates some

subsidiaries in the United States, and this has been critical to the

success of the global expansion of the enterprise. In many countries where

Amazon does not have specific operations, there are partnerships which it

runs aimed at ensuring the presence of the company within theseregions.

This has been mainly adopted in seeking to enhance the service delivery of

products to customers in different locations following the experience of

slow products performance by various clients.

Despite the company being an online mailing store, it runs physical

customer service centers in many places around the world. These service

centers allow customers who acquire products from Amazon to receive care

services for any problemsthat they may encounter with the products they

have purchased. As a result, the company has continuallyincreased its

customer based and loyalty for customers due to the provision of after-sale

services. The company has different brands and products which it operates

independently and whose incorporation creates the general name of Amazon

that has become very popular among the customers in various different

countries. As a public company, which provides merchandise through an

online platform, the company offers its website in several languages

including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese,

Dutch and standard Chinese.

The Company’s Requirements for Cyber-Security

Most of the problematic components of cyber security are that there is the

presence of swift and constantly evolving nature of security risks. Most of

the approaches focus on resources towards the most central systems and

protecting against the major known threats that are necessitated thus

leaving behind some of the less undefended and dangerous risks that are not

protected against (Bhagat, 2011). The risks of cyber security are advancing

faster than we can keep up with it. The cyber security threat has been

changing gradually faster than our ideas at the same risk of not protecting

the systems. Organizations have been encouraging adaptive and proactive

approaches that issue guidelines in assessing risks that are usually

recommended towards monitoring real-time assessments.

The internet has allowed business to carry out their operations from

different locations so that they can be able to reach to new markets. This

will be able to provide opportunities to ensure businesses work more

efficiently through computer-based tools. Companies are responsible for

creating confidence of the consumers and for their businesses too. The

threat of cyber criminals has been very real for both small and large

firms. Business owners have to accept that they have to establish a defense

system in the modern world business. There are a lot of security companies

that are always willing to fight cyber crime.

Buying Forecast

Amazon has made a push to the private intelligence market by building a

team to focus on growing and selling the information systems to the US

community. Amazon hires sales managers who have top secret clearance with

technical backgrounds in building sales teams in the US. Amazon’s new staff

that works in the have to submit to the government for investigations due

to the absence of security clearance when they are first introduced to the

job. There are data visualization systems that are built for the generation

of cyber spies in tech companies.

Amazon has been able to be productive in its financial productivity since

it has been able to create attention that its market capitalization has

equaled the values of profitable sales. However, Amazon has recently

declined to disclose annual revenue by saying that the revenue will be

recognized over multiple contract years since they have grown from $2

million in 2012 to $24 million in 2013 and $74 million in 2014. Amazon has

been using a public clouding computing resource that helps them to develop

and deploy new applications that expand over geographic regions quickly.

However, cybercriminals are aware of the expansion of public cloud and also

looking for weaknesses in the company’s security posture. The techniques of

enhancing cyber security extend the corporate data center thus protecting

the company’s data while the internal management tries to feature and

ensure that the policies keep pace with the applied changes.

Amazon informs its online users that it resets their passwords after

learning that they might have been exposed to an individual third party

(Sridhar, 2012). Amazon has adopted the precautionary measure though it was

not aware of the user passwords been improperly disclosed. Amazon does not

reveal information on the number of the affected users as of now, but it

still appears that all who have had their passwords compromised were

alerted on the matter. The users of Amazon who did not receive emails

should be sure and reset them as well through authentication on its online



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