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Answer the questions listed below in one substantial essay. Use paragraphing, and proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Use information from your readings to support your answers. Paraphrase all source information. PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

The Prompt

Respond to the following discussion questions.

What is meant by becoming an “informed consumer of research”?

Aside from being able to effectively perform research, why is it important for a criminal justice professional to understand basic research methods? Think about this question from the perspective of various CJ professionals from law enforcement, courts, corrections, criminalistics, etc.

Why is it important for the average citizen to be able to understand basic research methods? Just because research is published or promoted in the news does it mean that research is reliable and valid? Why or why not? How would one know?

What is your definition of critical thinking?

How can knowledge of research methods be associated with everyday critical thinking skills?

Be sure to add a thoughtful conclusion to your essay about what you learned or found interesting in this module.

[READ The Importance of Research Methods and Becoming an Informed Consumer of Research. Attached below

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