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Please answer the following 18 questions in the document attached, they are by true or false, multiple choice, select all that apply and 1 question fill in the blank.

1- True or False (Chapter 17)

Marketing Mix in health care promotion is based on a marketing of four components: product or service, price, place or distribution, and promotion.

4- Match columns (general epidemiology knowledge)

Column A -Prompts

-Primary Prevention

-Secondary Prevention

Tertiary Prevention

Column B – Submitted Answers

-Preventing the initial development of a disease, Ex. immunizations, reduce risk factors

-Early detection of existing disease to reduce severity and complications. Ex. screening for cancer

-Reducing the impact of the disease. Ex. Rehabilitation for stroke

5- True or False (Chapter 17)

Marketing Mix in healthcare promotion is based on a marketing of four components: product or service, price, place or distribution, and promotion

6- Select ALL that apply (Chapter 17). The National Cancer Institute social marketing research wheel include:

A-Planning and strategy

B-Selecting channels and materials

C-Developing materials and pretesting


7) Which of the following is not an alternative payment model:

A-Merit Based Physician Incentive Payment
B-Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
C-Accountable Care Organization
D-Bundled Payment for Care Improvement

8- Which of these factors is the largest contributor to the burden of disease in the US?

B-Social circumstances
C-Environmental exposure
D-Access to health care

9- When demographic subgroups have higher occurrence of disease compared to other groups this is referred to as

Select the best choice:


B-Statistical chance

C-Life style choices

D-None of the above

E-Health disparities

Data sources for epidemiologic studies include:

Select all that apply

A -Vital records

B -Electronic Medical Records

C -Population-based surveys
D -The US Census

Select ALL that apply (Chapter 15). Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPAA

A -HIPAA law was issue in 2000

B -Its protect all electronic and printed medical records

C -Uses protected health information(PHI) when referring to institutions business data to be protected

Select the correct answer (only one)/ chapter 15. Medicare advantage programs are 

A- Aim to provide plans to provide better, coordinated care to Medicare recipients
B- Aim to provide plans to provide better, coordinated care to Medicare and Medicaid recipient
C- Provide pay by each service provided


Review chapter 16 importance of public and private partnership. Have tobacco private and public policies have been successful?

-True or False

14) Name the five pillars for establishing a culture of health (Chapter 16), Mark all that apply,

A- Leadership and commitment
B-Enterprise programs
C-Policies and procedures
D-Engagement and participation
E-Measurements and outcomes
F-Type of medical insurance

True of False (Chapter 16)

Employee good health/wellness has a negative impact on productivity

16- (Chapter 15) .The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008. A or B.

A- Protects employees from employers who might utilize personal genetic testings’ information for hiring and firing decisions

B-Determine tax status of employees

17- Match columns A and B (Chapter 16)

Column A- Prompts


Optimal Health Status



Column B- Submitted answer

-Employees demonstrate optimal health status

-Positive health behaviors, minimal modifiable risk factors, and minimal illness, disease and illness

-Employees adjust to setbacks, demands, and challenge

-Employees to respond to changing demands

Multiple choice, select all that apply (Chapter16)

Some strategies to significantly reduced morbidity and mortality associated with lifestyle relate risk factors and disease are:

a- Access to healthy food

b- Opportunities for recreation and physical activities

c- Support of mental health well being

d- Incentives or disincentives to reduce tobacco and alcohol consumption

True or False: It is easy to change people behaviors, values, and habits

20- Fill in the blank (Chapter 16)

The opportunity to influence and truly change population health risks requires a concern effort by consumers,
Blank 1, government, school, health care plans, academic, workplace, and the media.

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