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These are 2 different question only make these answers like a paragraph long. Do not make your answer based off the internet make it like you are talking to a friend, and trying to explain the question to them

Question 1

In our text, we learned that Michelangelo’s David was adopted as a symbol for the city-state of Florence; over 12,000 visitors purchased tickets in 1859 to see Frederic Church’s Heart of the Andes; and during the Spanish Civil War, the Spanish Republic asked Picasso to create a painting to urge support for their cause.

It would be hard to think of an artist or work of art from the 21st century that carries similar weight to the examples above.

Discuss the following:

  • Has their been a decline in the cultural relevance of visual art in the West? If so, what could explain the decline? Has technology played a role? Has something taken its place? Explain and give examples.
  • If there has not been a decline, give examples of 21st century artists or artworks that are considered highly significant in our culture.

Question 2

There is a lot of “weird” art out there. Of course, there are still great “traditional” artists, making realistic art in traditional media, but there are many artists stretching the boundaries of art.

Consider what you have learned so far in this class. Art can be broken down into subject, form and content. Content is the meaning or message of the work. The meaning or message can be intellectual or emotional or a combination of the two. Art is a visual language that engages the viewer in a way that is moving or stimulating.

So, what about this “weird” stuff? Is it art?

Visit the website for Art News, a periodical that focuses on “contemporary” art. It usually covers work that is not conservative, not traditional.

Click through the menu items, News, Reviews, and Artists, and read some of the articles. Look specifically at works produced in the 21st century.

On whole, do you consider the work, that you see, to be art? If so, why? Select a couple of artworks to use as examples. If you feel that much of the work is not art, why do you feel that way? Use a couple of pieces to support your argument.

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