psych of perception article read and tasks

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Give a careful read to the 3 articles linked just below and quote and cite them in the answer. do not use other websites




WRITE — 1000-1200 word answer to the question, “Why is vision usually considered the dominant modality” for humans? 

Be sure to incorporate and integrate information from all 3 readings into your answer!

answer all the questions

40 points – Do some simple task with your eyes closed. Good things to try are are brushing your teeth, getting dressed, of making a sandwich (be very careful of breaking glass or cutting yourself). Describe performing the task and how well it went. What made it hard? How long would you have to do this task sightlessly before you could do the activity as fast and as well as you do when sighted? 
– 20 points – How would your life be different if had never had vision?
– 20 points – How would your life be different if you had lost your vision as a young adult?
– 20 points – How would you prepare yourself if you learned you had only a few months before you would completely lose your sight?

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