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Project Status Report Template:

Each group will prepare a project status report template.
The templates will be evaluated against several criteria,

General information – does the status report provide general
information about the project, who prepared the report, start and
end dates of the project, the reporting period for the status

Overall Project Status – is it easy for the reader to discern the
overall status of the project health as it relates to project
objectives and constraints?

Work – is it easy for the reader to know how much work (e.g., WBS
elements) has been accomplished as it relates to the scope
baseline? Does it show what work is planned to be
accomplished in the next reporting period?

Schedule – is it easy for the reader to understand, using metrics
such as SPI or SV or other measures, the status of the project as
it relates to the schedule baseline. Are milestones listed
and do they show the planned versus actual start dates?

Budget – Is the project adhering to the cost baseline?

Issues and active risks – Is it easy for the reader to understand
and appreciate project risks and/or any new issues (unknown
unknowns) that are under the watchful eye of the project team?

Key Performance Indicators – does the status report show key
project performance indicators that are used by the organization
to compare with other projects in a balanced scorecard format?

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