Proposing a solution essay (7-10pages, double space)

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So far this semester, you have composed a research proposal and an annotated bibliography. Through these assignments, you should have gained a better understanding of an issue that is currently affecting the city of Miami and its residents. Now you are ready to propose a solution to the issue in the form of a final research paper.

The goal of the proposing a solution essay is to make an argument that calls an audience to action. You’ll make a claim that some action should or ought to be taken. In other words,your essay will be addressed to your original target audience. For example, if your research proposal argued that FFWCC should educate the general pubic on the issue of green iguanas, then your final paper will be speaking directly to FFWCC. By focusing your argument on one specific solution, you will be responding to the frequently asked question: But what can we do?

As stated in Allyn & Bacon, “for every proposal there is always an alternative course of action, including doing nothing. Your task as a proposal writer is threefold: You must demonstrate that a significant problem exists; propose a solution to the problem; and justify the solution, showing how the benefits outweigh the costs and that the proposed solution will fix the problem better than alternative solutions would” (Ramage, Bean, & Johnson 239). Thus, your essay must contain the following four parts:

  1. A description of the problem
  2. A description of the proposed solution and how/why it will work
  3. An objection and refutation section
  4. A conclusion

Remember, this is a research paper. You must use no fewer than 7 sources in your paper. All sources should be utilized in a relevant manner. This means, you should take the time to make sure that your sources help drive your argument forward. You will also need to incorporate your sources in a varied manner, paraphrasing, summarizing, and occasionally imbedding direct quotes.

Your final research paper should follow all MLA guidelines, including a heading, title, double- spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, proper pagination, and a works cited page. Your proposal should be a minimum of 7 pages and a maximum of 10.

Grading criteria: In grading your proposal, I’ll be asking the following questions:

  • Does the writer make a convincing argument as to why his/her audience should or ought to take action?
  • Is the proposed action (or “claim”) clearly identified and explained?
  • Is this claim logically supported by reasons and evidence?
  • Have possible objections to the underlying assumptions (warrants) linking the claimand reasons been addressed?
  • Have opposing views been addressed?
  • Does the paper provide adequate background on the problem the author isattempting to remedy?
  • Title
  • Does the writer incorporate his/her sources in a varied manner?
  • Does the writer engage with the sources, while still adding original ideas to theconversation?
  • Credible, relevant sources
  • Appropriate style and tone
  • Evidence of an effective writing process
  • Logical progression and organization of thoughts
  • Smooth transitions between ideas/ paragraphs
  • Use of appropriate college-level spelling, grammar and mechanics
  • MLA format, MLA in-text citations, and Works Cited page

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